It’s day 3 and summer’s got me feelin’ light and airy!  This dress is one of my favorite purchases this summer …so far.  It’s a buttery silk with sherbert-y stripes.  When I walk, it looks like I’m walking on air!

I would where this 60′s dress to a nice dinner party on a porch or for a breezy brunch!  Where would you sport it?

Day 3: Vintage Sherbert Stripes for a Breezy Brunch

Dress: Vintage from Revolutions 11 (awesome store in Midtown, Atlanta)
Earrings: National Black Arts Festival (it’s coming up again soon!)
Watch: Target
Belt: Zara

Get the Look:

There’s a mix of dresses that will give you the feel you’re looking for!  Notice the denim is very different, but gives that flowy feeling you might be looking for.

Summer Dress Style Story - Day 3: Vintage Sherbert Stripes

Until Next Time … <3